Graptoveria Gypsy variegata AKA Graptoveria Mrs Richards variegated Succulent

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Graptoveria 'Gypsy' variegata is a stunning, low-maintenance succulent with unique personality. This eye-catching variegated plant features vibrant green and pink hues that add a bright pop of color to any home or garden. The succulent forms rosettes of upright, fleshy leaves that can reach up to 6 inches in diameter. Its care requirements are minimal, requiring only occasional watering, bright light, and well-draining soil. With its vibrant colors and low-maintenance personality, Graptoveria 'Gypsy' variegata is the perfect choice for succulent enthusiasts looking to bring a unique touch to their home or garden.


All of our succulents are grown in Melbourne's inner suburbs under natural conditions. They are Melbourne weather hardy.

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