Discover HORP: Your Sanctuary for Rare and Lush Succulents


Hello and Welcome!

We're thrilled to have you explore our green haven. Here's a bit about us to get you acquainted.



What's Our Story?

Every plant is distinct and special, much like a cherished friend. We believe in the bond between plants and their caregivers – it’s a relationship of mutual love and respect. With us, what you see is always what you get.



Our Motivation?

Our goal is to elevate your online plant shopping experience, making it seamless and delightful.



What's on Offer?

We primarily offer succulent plants. Additionally, we've curated a selection of assorted collections of plants to help you build your oasis.



Why the Name HORP?

H.O.R.P stands for "House Of Rare Plants". We kickstarted this venture in Glen Huntly, VIC, during the challenging times of 2020. Our journey has been one of growth, learning, and evolution. And here we are today!



How Does HORP Benefit Me?

You can trust us to deliver exactly what you see on our platform. No surprises, just lush, healthy plants.



The Minds Behind HORP?

Conceptualized and designed by Rora. We're here because of a shared love for nature and a commitment to quality.



You Found Us!

Perhaps a friend recommended us, or a search led you here. Regardless, we're glad you did!



Our Mission?

We aim to bring you exceptional plants, steering clear of the disappointments we faced as online plant buyers. With us, you're in good hands.



Our Name Evolution?

We listened to feedback and shortened "House Of Rare Plants" to the more catchy H.O.R.P.



Why Choose Us?

For the love of succulents, and the promise of quality and care.



Why Names for Packs?

Names foster connection. Naming our plants is like welcoming a new friend into your space.



Our Base?

Located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.



Shipping Queries?

Absolutely, we ship across Australia (VIC, ACT, NSW, QLD, and SA). However, international shipping isn't available currently. We ensure secure and caring shipping. For details, visit our Shipping and Returns policy.



Before Making a Purchase?

Research is key. Understand the plant's needs and ensure you can provide the right environment. We pride ourselves on offering unique plants, and we hope you appreciate their unique beauty and care requirements.



How to Purchase?

Our online store is your best bet. However, we're available via chat and email for any queries. Also, stay tuned for exclusive deals on our social media channels.



Our Drive?

Passion and dedication, every step of the way.



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Any More Questions?

If there's more you'd like to know or simply fancy a chat, click on the 'Chat with us!' button on bottom right of your screen. We're here to help.



Thank you for being a part of our journey!