Echeveria Annette Succulent

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The Echeveria Annette is an eye-catching succulent that is sure to draw attention. Its striking, tightly arranged rosettes are made up of beautiful, bluish-green leaves that feature reddish-bronze tips and a white powdery coating. This drought-tolerant plant is low-maintenance and easy to care for, requiring minimal watering and bright, but indirect sunlight throughout the year. Despite its delicate appearance, it is surprisingly resilient and can survive long periods of neglect. The Echeveria Annette is the perfect addition to any home or garden, adding a unique, exotic touch.

we capture plants in their vibrant hues; please note, colours may vary based on weather conditions, monitor resolution, and other factors.


All of our succulents are grown in Melbourne's inner suburbs under natural conditions. They are Melbourne weather hardy.

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