Echeveria Elsa Kr AKA Echeveria Yangjin Succulent

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The Echeveria Elsa is a unique, low-maintenance succulent with stunning features that add life to any indoor space. Its large, pointed rosette of green and silver-grey leaves is eye-catching and its blooms of pink flowers will make any houseplant-lover swoon. Not only is this succulent a beauty, but it's easy to care for too. Place it in a spot with plenty of indirect sunlight, and water once a week. With its minimal care requirements, the Echeveria Elsa is an ideal choice for busy gardeners or those just starting out in succulent care.

We capture plants in their vibrant hues; please note, colours may vary based on weather conditions, monitor resolution, and other factors.


All of our succulents are grown in Melbourne's inner suburbs under natural conditions. They are Melbourne weather hardy.

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