Echeveria Halbingeri Succulent

Size Plant One Head

Echeveria Halbingeri is a unique succulent with fleshy, spoon-shaped leaves in shades of blue-green and purple. This drought-tolerant plant is easy to care for, requiring minimal water and good drainage. It's fast-growing and can reach up to 12 inches in height with a rosette up to 10 inches in diameter. Its personality is one of a kind, with its showy rosettes making it a great choice for any succulent collection. Plus, its long-lasting blooms in shades of pink, white, and yellow add a pop of color to any space. With proper care, Echeveria Halbingeri is sure to be a conversation starter for your home or garden.

We capture plants in their vibrant hues; please note, colours may vary based on weather conditions, monitor resolution, and other factors.


All of our succulents are grown in Melbourne's inner suburbs under natural conditions. They are Melbourne weather hardy.

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